A Cloud Computing Guide for Small Businesses


A Cloud Computing Guide For Small Business


To learn more about cloud computing in small business, checkout the infographic below created by New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Cloud computing is one of the major technological buzzwords of the mid-2010s, and one that is certainly accompanied by no shortage of hype. Cloud usage is often claimed to improve every aspect of technology and computing, with hundreds of firms lining up to declare that they have truly figured out how to leverage this type of computing. Instead of dealing only with empty claims, though, it is better to examine what this type of computing has actually done for the business world. A quick look at what cloud computing is and what it can accomplish may allow you to separate reality from the fiction surrounding cloud computing. To learn more, checkout this infographic created by the New Jersey Institute of Technology’s Online MBA in Information Systems program.




With thanks to New Jersey Institute of Technology, to find out more visit their site: http://graduatedegrees.online.njit.edu/mba-resources/mba-infographics/cloud-computing-in-small-business/ or http://bit.ly/1JIahX4




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