From good to the great -why Office365 needs Mimecast


From Good to the Great – Why Office365 Needs Mimecast



Office365 is positioned by Microsoft as a one-stop-shop, and on the surface looks like something of a panacea for a business looking to outsource email and stop managing an on-premises Exchange server. For many businesses, particularly in the SMB space, it is.

But for larger companies, or those for whom email is a mission critical application, Office365 may not be quite so alluring. In general, Mimecast customers fall into that category – they want to use best practice cloud services to protect email from threats, and store the data in a secure, highly available archive. And amongst our customer base we’ve seen a preference for keeping Exchange on-site – there’s strong interest in Exchange 13 – or moving to a hybrid model with some mailboxes on-site and others in the cloud.


The blockers to Office365 adoption seem to fall into three categories.


Archiving doesn’t offer sufficient levels of compliance and 

  eDiscovery capabilities

Uptime is a concern

Exchange Online Protection may not represent best

  practice email security


We also think a further need will emerge, for a single archive of multiple types of unstructured data, fully searchable both for eDiscovery purposes and for day to day use by end users from their laptops, smart-phones and tablets. An Enterprise Information Archive for Office 365, to use Gartner terminology. Watch video below. The complete article can be read here.







2014:Cloud’s Victory Procession




"2014: Cloud's victory Procession"




Cloud computing concept


Barriers to cloud adoption have been broken down – initial reticence regarding data ownership in the cloud has been met with credibility built by vendors


Key issues explained:

Today's high demands on storing data

Need for e-discovery capabilities

Granular legal hold functionality

Heavy security demands

SLA & Data stored within appropriate jurisdictions


Conclusion comment:

"But what is clear is that in terms of centralization of data, cost to the business, and time to implement, cloud has and will continue to be the better option. And it is these powerful values which are driving business as a whole towards hosted services, including finance and legal."


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