Windows eXPiration: What Now!




Windows eXPiration: What Now!


Why MS Ending Windows XP


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it would be retiring Windows XP, Office 2003, IE 6 on 8 April 2014, meaning it would officially go out of support. Windows XP users were told there were two options: continue running XP and risk significant security vulnerabilities, or upgrade to Windows 8. However, there is a third option that more people should be talking about…


Windows End of Life


So, what are the options?


#1. Upgrade to Office 2013

#2. Keep running XP


Google Opportunity Apps


#3. Google Apps for Business


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2014:Cloud’s Victory Procession




"2014: Cloud's victory Procession"




Cloud computing concept


Barriers to cloud adoption have been broken down – initial reticence regarding data ownership in the cloud has been met with credibility built by vendors


Key issues explained:

Today's high demands on storing data

Need for e-discovery capabilities

Granular legal hold functionality

Heavy security demands

SLA & Data stored within appropriate jurisdictions


Conclusion comment:

"But what is clear is that in terms of centralization of data, cost to the business, and time to implement, cloud has and will continue to be the better option. And it is these powerful values which are driving business as a whole towards hosted services, including finance and legal."


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Google/Grove event 11th London


G4Cloud|Go For Cloud



Joining two Events tomorrow in London organised by

Google Enterprise/GroveIS Ltd.


Event details:

"Create your Mobile Edge for 2014''


Morning session Logistics

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Mobile Edge 2014



Afternoon session Utilities

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Utilties invite


There are some seats left contact

us at:


Will Legal Challenges Keep Banks From Using Cloud Computing?




"Will Legal Challenges Keep Banks


Using Cloud Computing?"



Financial Services


Topics which are highlighted:

Data Security

Data Sovereignty

Auditing Requirements

Customer Liability


    But at the end can be concluded:


1. Cloud Computing has better security.


2. It has more storage space as their data needs continue to increase.


3. Financial Institutions will find it is eassier to use the cloud to mine data

to improve the quality of services for their customers.


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