Water Utilities Run Dry of Ideas





"Water Utilities Run Dry

of Ideas"



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At the GEO Utility Event in Londonwater company executives said the industry will struggle to meet the demand for water by 2016 as the population rises. Steps need to be taken to reduce demand and plug leaks in the network.




Watch demo below how to use an App within the

utilties roll-out

process to adress this issue!





The application provides an accurate view of sites and has achieved 500% return on investment in the first year.




Read full article here at the Grove Blog!









Google/Grove event 11th London


G4Cloud|Go For Cloud



Joining two Events tomorrow in London organised by

Google Enterprise/GroveIS Ltd.


Event details:

"Create your Mobile Edge for 2014''


Morning session Logistics

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Mobile Edge 2014



Afternoon session Utilities

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Utilties invite


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us at: g4cloud@g4cloud.nl