Actions required to prepare for Postini End of Life


Actions required to prepare for Postini End of Life (EOL)


Google Postini EOL


As of June 15, 2015, Google will halt all mailflow through Postini systems. We are sending all migrating customers email notifications regarding steps required to prevent mailflow issues on or after that date. We explain those actions here.

Note for GMD customers: Even if the GMD phase of your transition has not completed, the changes below must be made as Google Apps supports mail filtering and archiving during GMD transition. You’ll continue to have access to your archive until 30 days after your GMD transition completes.

Starting on June 15, 2015, Google will take the following action(s) that will affect your service:

Disable Exchange Journaling through Postini. If you’re a GMD customer using Exchange Journaling, and you haven’t configured your server to forward journal messages to Google Apps Vault, your Journal deliveries will fail and your mail will not be archived.

Temporarily redirect all Postini DNS records for inbound mail to point at Google Apps. If you haven’t migrated to Google Apps, your inbound mail will be rejected. Even if you’ve migrated to Google Apps, you should update your MX records to point to Google Apps to avoid mailflow problems in the future.

Modify Postini Outbound mail routing and DNS records. If you’re a Google Apps customer—They’ll end support for mail routing through Postini Outbound service. Google Apps customers who are still sending traffic to the Postini Outbound service will have their Outbound Gateway setting adjusted to remove Postini Outbound.

If you have a non-Google Apps system—If you have a local mail server configured to use Postini Outbound, they’ll temporarily redirect all Postini DNS records for Postini Outbound to point at the Google Apps SMTP relay service. If you haven’t migrated to Google Apps, your outbound mail will be rejected. Even if you’ve migrated to Google Apps, you should adjust your local server’s configuration so that you’re sending traffic directly to the SMTP relay service, not Postini Outbound, to avoid mailflow problems in the future.

All customers—We highly recommend that you check your SPF records to ensure that they include Google IPs for a better mail filtering experience. Incorrect SPF records could result in your mail being marked as spam by your recipients.

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G4Apps Enterprise Mobile Apps Development



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Enterprise Mobile



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introduced by



G4Cloud B.V. introduces the Journey platform by our G4Apps|Go For Apps business unit in the Netherlands.

The Journey platform enables G4Apps to assist companies and organisations with rapid development of Customised Enterprise Mobile Business Apps. The developers can easily built Enterprise Business Apps themselves in a fast way.

The platform is a 100 % Cloud Solution and delivered to customers as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.


The Journey advantage!


Journey 10x faster


Journey offers:

Reduction of building time of Apps with a factor of 10

Real-Time on the air testing on the device during programming

Support of the major Android/iOS devices





 This Results in:



Increased Revenue


 Roll out solutions in weeks rather than months


 Deliver solutions that enable accurate data and decision making in real time



Reduced Costs



Roll out solutions up to 10x times faster


No need for large development teams


No need to care about technological complexities


Adapt solutions rapidly to changing demands


Leverage existing tech skills – minimal training required


Introduction G4Cloud News Papers



Stay ahead of the




Cloud Computing News!


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G4Cloud introduces two newspapers a daily version and a weekly version. Both represent the latest news about Cloud Computing, SaaS, Data Analytics/Migration, Security, Compliancy and Information Banking.

Subscripe page:


See snapshot below of the weekly news version.

To read the full version goto:



Water Utilities Run Dry of Ideas





"Water Utilities Run Dry

of Ideas"



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At the GEO Utility Event in Londonwater company executives said the industry will struggle to meet the demand for water by 2016 as the population rises. Steps need to be taken to reduce demand and plug leaks in the network.




Watch demo below how to use an App within the

utilties roll-out

process to adress this issue!





The application provides an accurate view of sites and has achieved 500% return on investment in the first year.




Read full article here at the Grove Blog!









Windows eXPiration: What Now!




Windows eXPiration: What Now!


Why MS Ending Windows XP


Earlier this year, Microsoft announced it would be retiring Windows XP, Office 2003, IE 6 on 8 April 2014, meaning it would officially go out of support. Windows XP users were told there were two options: continue running XP and risk significant security vulnerabilities, or upgrade to Windows 8. However, there is a third option that more people should be talking about…


Windows End of Life


So, what are the options?


#1. Upgrade to Office 2013

#2. Keep running XP


Google Opportunity Apps


#3. Google Apps for Business


Download report here!


Read full article via Web Smart Computing here!




Google/Grove event 11th London


G4Cloud|Go For Cloud



Joining two Events tomorrow in London organised by

Google Enterprise/GroveIS Ltd.


Event details:

"Create your Mobile Edge for 2014''


Morning session Logistics

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Mobile Edge 2014



Afternoon session Utilities

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Utilties invite


There are some seats left contact

us at: