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G4Cloud B.V. introduces the Journey platform by our G4Apps|Go For Apps business unit in the Netherlands.

The Journey platform enables G4Apps to assist companies and organisations with rapid development of Customised Enterprise Mobile Business Apps. The developers can easily built Enterprise Business Apps themselves in a fast way.

The platform is a 100 % Cloud Solution and delivered to customers as a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.


The Journey advantage!


Journey 10x faster


Journey offers:

Reduction of building time of Apps with a factor of 10

Real-Time on the air testing on the device during programming

Support of the major Android/iOS devices





 This Results in:



Increased Revenue


 Roll out solutions in weeks rather than months


 Deliver solutions that enable accurate data and decision making in real time



Reduced Costs



Roll out solutions up to 10x times faster


No need for large development teams


No need to care about technological complexities


Adapt solutions rapidly to changing demands


Leverage existing tech skills – minimal training required


Cloud Computing Timeline


"A Cloud Retrospective"


Cloud Computing Timeline illustrates cloud's past,

predicts its future.


    Article covering:

  • Cloud market expands as more vendors join
  • IT attention shifts to emergin private clouds
  • The open source cloud movement takes hold
  • Cloud computing find its niche
  • Hybridcloud is born
  • Where is cloud going


Watch & click on Infographic. Read complete article here.


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